Housing Applications on the Web

The housing applications module allows the housing authority to accept applications for assistance online through an existing website, assuming hosting requirements can be met by the current ISP. Applications can be taken in multiple languages. The online component collects all information found on standard housing applications including:

  • Demographics
  • Household member information
  • Income information for each household member
  • Customizable preference questions
  • Customizable qualification questions

In addition, acceptable responses to many questions can be setup by the housing authority for selection by the applicant via drop-down lists. Applicants can also return to the site to update their information and to check their position on the wait list if the housing authority chooses to publish that information.


A secure Windows client application is used internally by housing authority staff to review pending applicants. Each application can be either accepted or declined. All data from the online application is available for review. When an application is accepted, the application data is exported an external housing application. Currently data can be exported through a direct interface to Progenixx Phoenixx or to ECS CCSLIB databases. Interfaces to other software providers' systems will be developed as required using standard protocols. Wait list information can be optionally published to the website via these same interfaces.

Applicant Login in English or Spanish

Case Study at one Housing Authority


  • Over 1,300 applications taken since ‘Go-live’
  • Multi-lingual application: English & Spanish
  • Website hosted in-house
  • Integrated with current ECS LIB waitlist application
  • Customized local preferences & questions
  • Can open or close wait list programs by date
  • Can limit number of applications accepted by program
  • Significant reduction in the amount of time needed to accept an application