Support Agreements Include Upgrades to the Latest Products

Technical Support

  • · Conversion to Progenixx products
  • · Source code and perpetual license
  • · Upgrades to Progenixx products
  • · Maintain compliance with HUD
  • · General assistance with software applications
  • · Data analysis and/or repair
  • · Advice on backup and recovery
  • · Query Language
  • ·  Database administration and Windows clients 
  • · Setup Assistance
  • · User-defined  fields 
  • · Interfaces to 3rd party products, e.g., Excel, SQL Server, XML
  • · Software bug fixes

Support Team


Our support team is comprised of the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect as well as expert support personnel.

The unique capabilities of our database engine in combination with a modern user interface and user experience provide significant benefits to our customers. Our customizable and multilingual tool tips and online documentation help new users quickly become competent. Your internal procedures can also be added to the online documentation.

Our extensive housing background and user advisory group involvement ensures the ongoing enhancement and compliance of the software to an ever changing environment. The Progenixx Phoenixx has the flexibility to easily change with technology or government regulation changes. Our support team is comprised of the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect as well as expert support personnel. Members of the team have over 25 years of experience with development and maintenance of municipal, utility, and housing clients, ensuring the ability of Progenixx to address our clients’ requirements over time.

The software is modular, portable and scalable. To our clients, this means that additional functional modules can be added in the future with full integration with previously installed modules; and that the software and its data can be moved to newer, future technologies with a minimum of effort; and that additional future users can be easily added to the system.

Progenixx Phoenixx will compare favorably on a feature by feature basis with any vendor in the marketplace. Our portability, database design, 100% configurable chart of accounts, and seamless integration of products makes the selection of Progenixx Phoenixx the best choice.


Support Progenixx Products

Progenixx provides support

on an ongoing monthly fee

basis, or on a per call

service basis. Monthly

support agreements

include regular support and

continuous enhancements

to the products.

Report Generation

Progenixx provides support

for report generation from

design through

implementation. Reports

will be designed to meet

your specific needs.

Progenixx also provides

training in Query tools and

Data Dictionary.

Custom Programming

Progenixx provides custom programming assistance for Progenixx products. Custom projects will be fixed price bid or provided at an hourly rate. All custom projects will be carefully designed with signoff documents before actually coding begins.


Progenixx provides training Progenixx products. Our training staff has been providing training and consulting for ECS products for many years. Training can be provided on-site for a per day fee plus expenses or remotely.

Follow-up training to user staff reinforces user knowledge of the software application, and provides an overview of system functionality. Review training sessions may also be used to provide additional hands-on training to newly hired staff and users, provide processing flow  recommendations, review use of system ad-hoc report generators, or assist users with new software application features.

Data Conversions

 Progenixx provides data conversion services to move your data to our Phoenixx database. Data conversion process is as follows:
1.    Customer provides a schema of their current database. This is a list – with descriptions – of the files (tables) and fields (columns) in the current database.
2.    Customer and Progenixx review the schema and determine which fields need to be converted.
3.    Progenixx develops the software needed to perform the data conversion.
4.    Customer and Progenixx review the converted data to confirm it's accuracy.