Progenixx Partners

Rocket Software, Inc.

 Progenixx is a value add OEM for UniData and UniVerse (U2) Products from Rocket Software. We are also an authorized Support Service Provider fully qualified to provide first and second level technical support for U2 products.

InterSystems Corporation

For companies that require an extremely high-performance and ultra reliable database systems, we offer InterSystems Caché®. Caché provides a rapid development environment for complex applications along with a lightning-fast, multidimensional engine that uniquely combines a powerful object database with robust SQL. Caché is so reliable, it is the world’s #1 database in clinical healthcare applications.

For enterprises that want to rapidly connect and extend systems, we
offer InterSystems Ensemble®. Ensemble enables the fast creation of
connectable applications, and makes it possible to enrich existing
applications easily with a browser-based user interface, adaptable
workflow, rules-based business processes, messaging, executive
dashboards, Web services, and more. Its architecturally consistent design combines an integration server, data server, application server, and portal server into a single, seamless  environment that delivers breakthrough time-to-results.

MLCP Systems

Progenixx integrates our housing products with MCLP Systems handheld inspection products. Please visit their website for more information

Entrinsik, Inc.

 Informer Web Reporting is a powerful reporting solution allowing organizations to leverage the Web to share information assets with virtually unlimited number of people anywhere at any time. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Informer provides end-users, IT staff, and executives a business intelligence environment and consistent, real-time information impacting key business processes.

To stay competitive in today's world, all levels of an organization require accurate information on demand.  While the need to make optimal strategic decisions with the best data has long been established, we now realize many of the best money making decisions are made at operational and tactical levels of an organization.

Entrinsik's Informer software utilizes a distributed approach to operational business intelligence (BI) that offers a self-service-based alternative to the centralized, batch-oriented architectures characteristic of traditional data warehouse (DW) environments:
•    Unique architecture allows you to get real time results, even when data lives in different systems
•    Creates a single standardized view of real-time data
•    Semantic metadata layer provides business users with easy to understand objects in the database
•    Supports enterprise-wide security requirements
Deploying Informer is ideal for businesses that need a solution fast, don't have a sizable budget for infrastructure and staffing, and want to minimize the risk involved in deploying a new solution.

"Getting more data into the hands of decision makers has led to a
distinct shift toward data-driven decisions."

- Jack Sheehler, Roanoke College

These organization levels need information that is up-to-the-minute, easily accessible, but securely managed to prevent its misuse.

That's where Informer comes in, a Universe, UniData, and SQL reporting
solution leveraging the power of the Web to provide information across
the organization. Informer's web reporting functionality allows not only
intra-company personnel to access pertinent data, but also remote
workers, business associates, and customers - while still offering the
flexibility, ease-of-use, and security your reports require. Informer
provides real-time data from your UniVerse, UniData, or SQL databases
natively, maintaining the integrity of your database schema.


Eliminate costly dot-matrix checks and forms with the NowDocs Flash

Media Solution. Produce laser checks and forms on blank stock from your existing business application. Save time and money by eliminating the high cost associated with pre-printed documents stock. By storing the check/form information in memory on the printer, you can print laser documents from nearly any financial software package.