Housing Applications

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Low Rent Housing

Financial Management

Accept Housing Applications on the Web

Informer Web Reporting

Features and Benefits


* Designed by the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect

* Windows User Interface

* Fully integrated products

* Web-enabled

* Interfaces to external financial packages 

* On-line documentation

   - Online documentationis available via hotkey or button in all forms.

   - Documentation displayed in a window separate from the application window.

   - Online documentation windows remain open until closed.

   - Users can continue to work while referring to the documentation

  • Supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, and many others (translations supplied separately). 
  • Automatic conversion of quantities for different units of measure in Purchasing, Inventory, and Maintenance Work Orders Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Can export/import via CSV, XL, JSON and other technologies to integrate with IT systems of suppliers, financial institutions, and so on.

* Security

- By menu item

- By application function

- By data content

- As an example, this enables the limitation of display and update access of tenants in one development to only those users or departments that are authorized.

* Database Administration Tools

- Configuration and preferences

- Security

- Users

- User roles

- Units of measure and conversion rates

- Currency exchange rates

Source Code

 Source code and perpetual licenses for all Progenixx developed products will be provided to all clients. It is our intent to help develop technical expertise within our client base to enable them to provide stability, suggestions, and customization to our products. 


 Progenixx will convert your database from your existing software provider to Progenixx Phoenixx 

A support agreement from Progenixx provides

* Superior quality support

* Expert training

* Conversion assistance

* Free upgrades to Progenixx products

* User group development control

* Savings in support costs today

* Significant savings in upgrade costs in the future