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Progenixx provides support on an ongoing monthly fee basis, or on a per call service basis.

ECS LIB and ECS Select products are proprietary products of Emphasys Computer Solutions, Inc. or Harris Computer Systems.  In that regard, Progenixx may not be permitted to access source code to make changes.  Our legal counsel will review your contracts and Progenixx will ensure that our methods do not violate proprietary obligations of any client. 

We will provide support using the following method:

If the client has a legal copy of the source code that Progenixx is allowed to access, we will make changes as required specifically for that client.  We will be careful not to violate any proprietary obligations based on individual contracts. 

If the client does not have a legal copy of the source code, Progenixx will write entirely new code to correct problems as needed.  This service will be included in our ongoing monthly fee agreements.

The database is not proprietary and is owned by each client.  Progenixx will utilize our knowledge of the products and your database to provide technical support as indicated below: 

Technical Support  

·   Conversion to Progenixx products
·   Source code and perpetual license
·   Upgrades to Progenixx products
·   Maintain compliance with HUD
·   General assistance with software applications
·   Data analysis and/or repair
·   Advice on backup and recovery
·   Database dictionary items
·   Query Language
·   UniData, UniVerse, SB+, SBClient, wIntegrate
·   Setup Assistance
·   U2 Basic Language
·   User-defined database
·   Interfaces to 3rd party products, e.g., Excel, SQL Server, XML
·   Software bug fixes      

Our support team is comprised of the original architects of ECS LIB and ECS Select as well as expert support personnel.  Progenixx should be considered a valid bidder for support agreements for ECS  LIB and ECS Select software