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Source code and perpetual licenses for all Progenixx developed products will be provided to all clients. It is our intent to help develop technical expertise within our client base to enable them to provide stability, suggestions, and customization to our products.

Progenixx will provide conversion programs to convert data from your existing ECS LIB or ECS Select system to Progenixx database. Progenixx staff is uniquely qualified to convert data from ECS LIB or ECS Select since they are the original authors of the software and database.

Executive summary reporting will be provided with each module. Informer, UniQuery, and Progenixx report writers are all currently available.

All handheld applications including HQS and UPCS inspections, inventory, and work orders will be provided by MLCP and are currently available. They interface with ECS LIB and Progenixx products.

  • Designed by the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect
  • Windows User Interface
  • Fully integrated products
  • Web-enabled
  • Integrated to financial packages
    -    Progenixx
    -    ECS LIB/ECS Select
    -    Great Plains
  • On-line help
    -    Online help is available via hotkey or button in all forms.
    -    Help displayed in a window separate from the form window.
    -    Online help windows remain open until closed.
    -    Users can continue to work while referring to the help
  • Support for multiple foreign languages used in the same database, selectable by user.
  • Can integrate with MS Office, OpenOffice.Org, or StarOffice
  • Can export/import via XML and other technologies to integrate with IT systems of suppliers, financial institutions, and so on.
  • Security
    -    Menu security very similar to ECS LIB.
    -    File, record, and attribute level security.
    -    As an example, this enables the limitation of display and update access of tenants in one development to only those users or departments that are authorized.
  • Database Administration Tools
    -    Configuration and preferences
    -    Security
    -    Users
    -    User roles
    -    Database refresh to maintain copies of the application database for testing, training, etc.
    -    Units of measure and conversion rates
    -    Currency exchange rates

A support agreement from Progenixx provides:

   *  Superior quality support
    *  Expert training
    *  Conversion assistance
    *  Free upgrades to Progenixx products
    *  User group development control
    *  Savings in support costs today
    *  Significant savings in upgrade costs in the future

Our support team is comprised of the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect as well as expert support personnel.

Select Progenixx as your vendor of choice for your current ECS LIB and ECS Select support and assure your future management software needs.  

The relational capabilities of the database, combined with the flexible web browser or windows user interface and the enhanced ease of use are unique and provide significant benefit to our clients.  Our customizable, multi-lingual by user, field level HELP text allow simplified and customizable training. Your own internal procedures can be entered and maintained at the user’s fingertips. 

Our extensive housing background and user advisory group involvement ensures the on-going enhancement and compliance of the software to an ever-changing environment.  The product has the flexibility to change with technology or government regulation changes.  Our support team is comprised of the original architects of CCSLIB and CCSSelect as well as expert support personnel.  Members of the team have over 20 years experience with development and maintenance of municipal, utility, and housing clients, ensuring the ability of Progenixx to address our clients’ requirements over time.  

The software is modular, portable and scalable.  To our clients, this means that additional functional modules can be added at future dates with full relational interaction; that the software and its data can be moved to newer, future technologies with a minimum of effort; and that additional future users can be added to the system in an easy manner.  

The Progenixx solution will compare favorably on a feature by feature basis with any vendor in the marketplace.  Our portability, Windows and browser clients, and relational database design, our extremely flexible chart of accounts environment, and our truly seamless integration of products makes the selection of Progenixx a superior one.