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The Progenixx solution will compare favorably on a feature by feature basis with any vendor in the marketplace.  Our portability, Windows and browser clients, relational database design, our extremely flexible chart of accounts, and our truly seamless integration of products makes the selection of Progenixx a superior one.

The Universal Modeling Language (UML) has been utilized toprovide a visual overall design that can be understood by non-technical staff. Dr.Michael Blaha – one of the designers of the UML – provided assistance indevelopment of the new database design. Dr. Blaha is recognized as one of theworld’s leading authorities on database and software design. He is aninternationally renowned author, lecturer and authority in his field. The UMLis an effective method to analyze current and new database design.

Expertise includes, but is not limited to .NET, VB Script and Java, VisualBasic, HTML, C(++ and #),  MySQL, SQL Server, UniVerse, UniData, Cache, SystemBuilder and SB+, UNIX, AIX, HP/UX, DG/UX, Solaris, Linux,Windows, ODBC, XML, Informer, and UML.