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Budget SavingsBetter HUD ScoresFlexibility & ReliablityLong Term Stability

HUD continues to mandate changes directly affecting your agency’s operations and software. You can successfully implement these changes with Progenixx software AND save money in license, conversion, upgrade, training and support costs at the same time.

Progenixx Product Benefits

Budget Savings
Better HUD Scores
Flexibility & Reliability
Long Term Stability


Housing Applications
Family Report
Section 8 Housing
Low Rent Housing
System Administration
Financial Management
Accept Housing Applications on the Web
Informer Web Reporting


Progenixx Product Support
ECS LIB & ECS Select Support
Custom Programming

Company Information

About Us

Progenixx has spent the past few years developing new software which can replace and extend ECS LIB and ECS Select tools. The software features a modern graphical Windows and Web user interface. It connects natively to current UniData databases. This provides the best possible solution for ECS LIB and ECS Select users because the existing database can be utilized, yet allow interfaces to other Microsoft compatible databases using the same Windows client.

The Universal Modeling Language (UML) has been utilized to provide a visual overall design that can be understood by non-technical staff. Dr. Michael Blaha – one of the designers of the UML – provided assistance in development of the new database design. Dr. Blaha is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on database and software design. He is an internationally renowned author, lecturer and authority in his field. The UML is an effective method to analyze current and new database design.

The Progenixx solution will compare favorably on a featureby feature basis with any vendor in the marketplace.  Our portability, Windows and browser clients, relational database design, ourextremely flexible chart of accounts, and our truly seamless integration of products makes the selection of Progenixx a superior one. 

Our support team is comprised of the original architects of ECS LIB and ECS Select as well as expert support personnel.  Progenixx should be considered a valid bidder for support agreements for ECS LIB and ECS Select software.

Our staff is qualified to support and train ECS LIB and ECS Select products as well as Progenixx products.

Our staff of full time and contract employees as well as consultants include members with over 20 years experience in Housing Authority Applications design, development, training, and support.  Our staff includes the original architects of ECS LIB and ECS Select products.  Many of our staff have over 20 years of successful experience in both development and support of ECS LIB and ECS Select products.

  • Dr. Michael Blaha, Chief Scientist
  • Greg Clarke, Director of Technical Services
  • Steve Johnson, Software Architect

Consultants are qualified to support and train ECS LIB and ECS Select products.  They will work with Progenixx during design and testing to ensure well-designed Progenixx products.  Consultants will be trained and qualified to support and train Progenixx products. 

  • Marsha Yates, PHM
  • Ralph  Peterson, Consultant

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.